Military Team II. - 3D characters

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This bundle includes 38 3D assets, all of them being fully equipped, posed characters with multiple color or camouflage variations to make them suitable for various environments. 

Modern military uniforms rely on cutting-edge technologies and materials to provide maximum protection to soldiers in all conditions. For soldiers, these modern gears not only offer protection but also enable them to move and act more efficiently on the battlefield, increasing their chances of survival and mission success. The clothing and weapons presented here can be used in various types of units, each with different specializations and tasks, such as infantry, artillery, armored units, naval forces, or the air force. 

Our bundles contain an array of 3D assets around a specific theme.
In this period pack there are multiple items that are consistent with the described era and a certain type of use, so that you can compose a scene with a cohesive feel.

Purchasing a bundle will allow you to download each included asset maximum 3 times. The assets will appear in your profile individually and you will be able to track your available downloads in your profile’s Downloads menu.

The cover art of the bundle serves as inspiration and may include items that are not part of the pack - the exact items included are showcased on the inventory image and listed in the ‘Included in this pack’ section.

Generally 3D assets within this pack include the following:

3D formats: .fbx, .obj, .blend

Texture sets in .png format and in different color / texture variations:
› Base Color in 4K
› Roughness in 4K
› Metalness in 4K
› Normal DirectX in 4K
› Normal OpenGL in 4K
› Opacity in 4K (optional per asset)

› Rig not included
› The models do include all held item seen on the asset breakdown render