Low class woman 01 A

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This is a low class Swedish woman in a long-sleeved white linen dress, with a blue dress over the white dress. She is standing in an A-pose.

Swedish women during the Viking Age, had notable rights and responsibilities compared to other contemporary societies. They could own property, manage households, and engage in commerce. Some women also played important roles in religious and cultural practices, with a few even participating in voyages and exploration.

The model contains a base rig with weight paint ideal for posing.

This is a 3D asset of a person in an A-pose. The asset is created by 3D scanning. This is retopologized, optimized and rigged model ready for animation.

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Included 3D formats: .fbx, .obj, .blend
Contains a mostly quad based retopologized mesh with app. 250k faces

Texture sets in 8bit .png format (16 bit for normal maps):
› Base Color in 4K
› Roughness in 4K
› Normal DirectX in 4K (optional per asset)
› Normal OpenGL in 4K (optional per asset)
› Metalness in  4K (optional per asset)
› Opacity in 4K (optional per asset)
(PBR Metallic workflow used to make the textures)

Basic Rig included
› All our .blend files are marked as assets for easier use in Blender (3.0+)